How Does The Process Work?

Finding the Right Solution

Being in debt can be incredibly stressful. When you are struggling each month to make end meet alongside with creditor demands, it is extremely difficult to manage day to day expenses. Therefore, seeking a Debt Solution is the always the way forward and you need to make sure you have a company with wealth of experience.

There are so many different types of debts and companies you can get into financial difficulties with so you need to ensure you are speaking to a company which offers various routes and financial options which best fits your circumstances. Debt Compare will go through a fact find with you to obtain an understanding of what your circumstances are, which will then enables us to find a solution which you are able to afford and maintain.

Ultimately finding the right solution is the most difficult part of the process and there are so many to choose from. You need to make sure it is going to benefit your situation and reduce your payments to something more affordable. Using our Find a Solution option will allow you to see what options are available based on the information you provide.

People often choose IVA Advice as the preferred debt solution when looking to manage their debts. This solution is very popular when you have several creditors you are trying to make payments towards. This option is only available for people living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. In Scotland it is call a Trust Deed which works in a similar manner. With both of these solutions an Insolvency Practitioner will be able to accept lower monthly payment and distribute them out to your creditors and at the end of the term write off any outsanding debt.

There is also an option called a Personal Budgeting Service which if you don't qualify for either the IVA or Trust Deed we can certainly look into this. Ultimately one of our friendly advisors would look through your current financial commitments and go through your utility bills and other household contract to see if you are on the right tariff. If it still shows after every effort made you income doesn't stretch to cover the payments to your debts then we can re-negotiate payments to your creditors to something which is more affordable.

If your financial circumstances do not allow you to make any payments towards your creditors on of our advisor may then advice to look into Bankruptcy or a Debt Relief Order and will advise you of the impactions and benefits of looking through these options.

Debt Compare's 3 Step Process


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You will now be able to relax knowing that your debt problems are now in hand.

Just a few of the many debts we can help you with...

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