PTD (Protected Trust Deed)

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PTD (Protected Trust Deed)

A Protected Trust Deed is a legal arrangement between you and your creditors, which gives you protection from creditors taking action against you to recover debts. (This is only available to Scottish Residents).

Once a Trust Deed has been established and is protected, creditors cannot add contractual interest or charges to any of your outstanding debt.

This means that at the end of the 4 year arrangement if you have made all your payments then any remaining debt on your account is written off allowing you to start fresh.


Payments are based on your circumstances and what you can reasonably afford to pay.
Your Trustee will contact your creditors, which will remove the pressure of unwanted phone-calls and letters.
Once the Trust Deed has become “Protected” creditors cannot take legal action to recover their debts and are bound by the terms of the Trust Deed.
At the end of the trust deed, the balance of debts included in the trust deed will be written off.
Creditors cannot take any further action against you once the trust deed has been protected

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